Can you picture the stage set of Saturday Night Live, the Today Show or your local news station? Every now and then we get to tour one of those locations and learn the studio secrets. It’s fun to have the ‘a-ha’ moment of ‘so that’s how they made that!” and enjoy the behind-the-scenes look.

Texture Plus is a perfect solution for set creation with great textures and easy installation. Young Hollywood, a multimedia entertainment company, created a one of a kind broadcast studio within the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Every day, their cutting-edge studio hosts celebrity interviews and exudes an ultra hip and intimate vibe. What did they choose to create that look? Texture Plus panels with amazing results!

Check out the use of Texture Plus Rustic Brick White Interlock panels and corners as the perfect backdrop with ultra cool results.

Need star-studded space? Consider Texture Plus panels for your next makeover.

Check out the studio videos:

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