Tips for Installing Texture Plus® Faux Wall Panels

Q: Can I work with standard tools on Texture Plus® faux wall panels?

A: Yes! You can cut, route, drill and fasten Texture Plus® faux wall panels with ordinary woodworking tools for use by the novice or master. Use standard saw blades for cutting.


Q: What tools do I need to install faux wall panels?

A: Texture Plus® faux wall panels are easily installed using tools found in almost everyone’s toolbox. To complete a wall, we recommend using: Screws, Construction Adhesive/Glue (we recommend PL® Polyurethane Premium Construction Adhesive), Screwdriver, Sandpaper or sanding block, Caulking gun, and Texture Plus® color-matched textured caulk. Optional: Saw (for custom cutting).


Q: Will the faux wall panels slide right in together?

A: It is possible that there may be some high-points that need sanding. This can be fixed easily just by going over the area with a sanding block.


Q: How do I cover corners with Texture Plus® faux wall panels?

A: In most cases when rounding a corner, the edges of the faux wall panels are first cut into two 45-degree angles.


Q: Can I use one faux wall panel on the top of my wall & a second faux wall panel on the bottom? Will they match up or will I need to use molding?

A: Using two Texture Plus® faux designs is an excellent way to give visual contrast to a wall! Whether or not you’ll want to use molding will depend upon the two designs you choose, you can use molding or you may like it without.


Q: When installing the faux wall panels, if I incorrectly drill the screws–will the faux wall panel crack?

A: If you incorrectly drill screws when installing Texture Plus® faux wall panels, they will not crack. That’s a real benefit of working with Texture Plus® panels! Since our simulated siding is not wood, there is no splintering or flaking, and unlike real stone or slate our faux stone panels will not crack, you just get clean lines.


Q: Can I hang pictures on the faux wall panels?

A: Yes, you can hang pictures on the faux wall panels. We strongly recommend that you use a molly or screw into a stud if the panels are installed on drywall.