What Is A Lift Gate?

Lift gate service is typically used on freight exceeding 150 lbs if a loading dock is not available at pick up or delivery. When the shipping or receiving address does not have a loading dock, manual loading and unloading is necessary to unload a pallet to the ground. A lift gate is a platform at the back of certain trucks that can raise and lower a shipment by using a hydraulic system. The shipment can then move from the ground to the truck and vice versa.

Some freight deliveries require that the delivery location have a dock, and in the case that the delivery location does not have a dock, a lift-gate fee may apply. The freight company charges lift-gate fees and they vary from freight company to freight company. The lift-gate fee may be avoided if individuals are able to unload their shipment from the truck. All customers who decide to unload freight deliveries do so at their own risk.

For pallet deliveries, if you cannot unload a pallet to the ground yourself, you’ll need a truck with a lift gate. The freight company will charge a lift gate fee which will be added to your shipping cost. If you have a hydraulic lift or receiving dock and can unload a pallet to ground level, a truck with a lift gate will not be necessary.