About Texture Plus® Products

Texture Plus®’s primary products are 2’x4’ sheets replicating nearly 200 designs. Texture Plus® panels replicate numerous stone, brick, bamboo and metal designs that are “extraordinarily realistic.” Our unique finishing process ensures no two panels are identical. The panels are lightweight — 5 to 7 pounds per sheet (vary by design), shipping-friendly and harder than mahogany from an impact point of view. Installed outdoors and indoors, the panels expand less than 1% and are suitable for the coldest climates and the warmest climates, as exemplified by our test data and our sales to distributors in cold climates like Alaska, Canada and Russia, and warm climate distributors like Dubai, Australia and Guatemala.

About Texture Plus Panel Engineering

Nearly all Texture Plus® panels are available in interlocking panels, which have been engineered to provide two key benefits. The first, the four-way interlocking panel design virtually eliminates seams, maintaining the “I can’t tell it’s not real” look. The second benefit of the interlocking design provides a waterproof seal. (In any siding or stone product, if water seeps behind the panels and freezes, the panel may pop off of the wall.) The interlocking panels have inserts and receivers in the panel design (left and right). When the panels are fitted together and caulked with our matching textured caulk, they become waterproof and seams disappear.

About Texture Plus® Panel Safety

Texture Plus® panels are completely safe for both children and adults. There is no Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) required with our simulated siding. Additionally, our panels are produced with all water-based chemistry, with no VOCs and do not “off gas” any formaldehydes. Texture Plus® fire-rated panels are also available. Our fire-rated faux wall panels are certified with an ASTM E84 Class-Arating. Fire-rated panels are suitable for indoor use only. Download our product spec sheets for detailed information on each of our products.

About Texture Plus® Installation

Texture Plus® panels are installed with construction adhesive on/over any structural surfaces. (We recommend PL Premium and placed in rows from bottom to top.) The panels are cut with common carpentry tools using table saws for miter cuts (90 degree turns), hand saws, drills, etc. Texture Plus® is easier to handle than wood, stone or brick–without the splinters or blisters. Installation takes hours, not days and requires minimal expertise.

Need Inspiration?

Need help gathering ideas for your clients? Just visit our Project Gallery for innovative ideas from our customers saving you money and time in the design process. Don’t forget to sign up for our monthly ‘Fresh Ideas’ enewsletter for additional tips and project ideas.

Need A Sample?

While competitors charge for samples, Texture Plus® will be happy to send you two random design samples at no charge. Free samples [6” x 6”] are taken from full size panels [2’ x 4’], so you can easily see the incredible realism of our designs. Need a sample of a specific design? Just note it on your request or contact us at 1.800.863.8468. Need a full array of our samples? If you need extensive samples, order our full sample kits here (charges apply).

About Our Warranty

At Texture Plus®, we stand behind our panels. Texture Plus® has been in business for over 31 years perfecting our process and materials, and our faux wall panel line has evolved over the years to keep pace with the needs of our customers. Satisfied customers in extreme climates from Alaska to the Caribbean use Texture Plus® with confidence. Our faux wall panels are backed by our warranty.

Our Services

From drop-shipping options, custom color matches, high resolution downloads and specs, or quick ship of samples, designers and architects can depend on flexibility and responsiveness from the Texture Plus team. We strive to serve our customers with the highest level of service and work diligently to ensure the success of your project. Please let us know how we can help.