Fieldstone: Interlock

You won't believe the breath-taking beauty of our exclusive new Fieldstone Collection. We've created a unique faux stone paneling system that provides a rich, totally seamless stone pattern. For seasoned professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike, our easy to install three piece faux stone paneling system makes designing elaborate stone arrangements a breeze! Each faux stone panel is 24 inches tall by 4 feet wide, and weighs just 5 pounds for easy shipping, handling, and installation. Shown here in a rugged gray, the timeless textures and patterns created by these interlock panels deliver long lasting durability. Our virtually indestructible stone siding lives up to the promise!



Fieldstone: Interlock

Color: Gray, Light Gray, Natural Gray, Tan, Light Tan

Size: Nominal: 2' Tall x 4' Wide x 3/4" Thick, Actual: 35" Tall x 4' Wide x 3/4" Thick

Weight: Approximately 5 lbs per faux panel

Cover Per Panel: Approximately 5.8 SQ/FT

Exterior Use: Weather Proof, UV Stable

Interior Use: Highly Durable, provides good R value (5)

Optional: ASTM E-84 Class A Fire Rating Available for $10 surcharge (per panel). Fire-rated panels are for interior use only as the fire-rated coating is not moisture resistant. Non-fire rated panels are perfect for exterior use. Custom colors available for orders of 50 panels or more ($325 per color match)




1 Panel - $65.95
25+ Panels - $59.95
100+ - Call for factory direct quote

Project Calculator

Wondering how many panels to order? Use our easy calculator to determine how many panels you'll need. We've even factored in for 10% waste.

Step 1: Select Standard or Interlock panel style*:

*If job requires panels (side by side) with a length greater than 4', we recommend choosing interlock style.

Step 2: Enter your project size

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