Split Face Block: Interlock

Split Face Block gives you an attractive alternative to standard precision block. The rough and rugged texture creates an appealing finish without the difficulty of installation.

Texture Plus faux split face block panels are conveniently sized at 24 inches tall by 48 inches wide, and weigh only 5 pounds, providing unmatched ease of shipping, handling, and installation. Simply slide the faux panels together for a quick and easy split block finish!


Split Face Block: Interlock

Color: Split Face

Size: 2' Tall x 4' Wide x 1/2 to 3/4" Thick, mortar joint 1/2", coverage length 36", each block is 7 1/4" x 17 1/4"

Weight: Approximately 5 lbs per faux panel

Cover Per Panel: Approximately 6 SQ/FT

Exterior Use: Weather Proof, UV Stable

Interior Use: Highly Durable, provides good R value (5)

Optional: ASTM E-84 Class A Fire Rating Available for $10 surcharge (per panel). Fire-rated panels are for interior use only as the fire-rated coating is not moisture resistant. Non-fire rated panels are perfect for exterior use. Custom colors available for orders of 50 panels or more ($325 per color match)




1 Panel - $65.95
25+ Panels - $59.95
100+ - Call for factory direct quote

Project Calculator

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